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The major global concert honoring the late Michael Jackson is falling apart. The show that was supposed to be held on September 26, in Vienna at the Schoenbrunn castle has been postponed to June 2010 and now will take place in London. Why? In fact big names like Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown and Natalie Cole could not take part in the festivities.

Earlier this week organizers for the event mentioned that the three would perform in Vienna, but their representatives have said that it will not be the case. A spokeswoman for Blige, said, [Mary] “wanted to but she had a previous commitment in Milan”. Instead the singer will attend a Gucci fashion event in Milan the same day.

As for Brown, a person close to him said on condition of anonymity that the R&B star will not perform at the tribute show. The singer who is serving a five years probation after being convicted of assaulting pop star Rihanna can’t leave the country unless a judge give him permission to travel.

Meanwhile Maureen O’Connor, a spokeswoman for Cole, said the singer will not be there because of an early Tibetan spiritual engagement for the Dalai Lama in Tennessee. “There was a conversation, but she was never committed to do it,” stated O’Connor.

With so much confusion going on and only lesser- known performers such as Akon, German boy band US5 and Sister Sledge, best known for their 70’s dance track “We Are Family” still on board, the organization team decided to move the concert to June 2010 in London.

In London Ticket sales will begin shortly… no later than December 1, 2009 and prices will start at 44 GBP

As for Jackson’s mother, she‘s the only believing that despite the lack of A celebrities the show will go on, “I am looking forward to being there” and “I am sure it is going to be.”

Written by Valerie Varasse

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