Messi, Robinho, and Raikkonen on vacation

It’s summer, time for holidays! And athletes are no exception to the rule! From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, here’s a quick look at our athletes’ favorite holiday destinations.

We kick off with world Formula One champion Kimi Raikkonen. The Finnish racing driver opted for a day out at sea near the coast of Ibiza in between two Grand Prix races. A yacht, a few friends and lots of sun cream to avoid nasty burns!

Meanwhile, our beloved football stars were busy soaking up rays in America! Lionel Messi chose to follow Cristiano Ronaldo’s Euro exploits in Miami. But as old habits die-hard, he still has a ball handy even when he’s on holiday!

And finally, welcome to Mexico! Robinho and his compatriot Diego were quite the pair on the sandy beaches of Cancun. Sun, cocktails, football, and a little healthy competition in the bathing suit department, we really don’t know who gets our vote. We’ll refrain from commenting and give the two a bit of privacy instead.


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