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Meet the Quann Sisters aka the pioneers of natural beauty

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The Urban Bush Babes Bloggers, TK and Cipriana Quann, were once bullied for their hair. Today, they’re famous because of it.

Cipriana Quann And TK Wonder were made for Instagram envy. Identical twins, they’re otherworldly; statuesque, stunning and immaculately put together. It’s hard not to spend hours scrolling through their photos, each worthy of being on the cover of a magazine. They’re the definitive cool girls we want to be.


“We wanted to create a platform specifically for women of color”

They’ve been recognized as the queens of natural hair by the who’s who of style. But the 28-year-olds are more than just pretty faces. The Maryland natives are now New York living and are multi-hyphenate entrepreneurs with their natural hair blog Urban Bush Babes.  Cipriana co-founded Urban Bush Babes with friend Nikisha Brunson in 2011. TK later joined as executive contributor in 2013. Since then, the blog celebrating natural hair has evolved to include lifestyle, beauty, photography and the arts. “We wanted to create a platform specifically for women of color, a space where we could highlight diversity and put it in the mainstream eye,” says Cipriana. But TK, who has done ad campaigns for Other Stories and Gap, is also this amazing rapper and songwriter. Check out her video below !



Needless to say, whatever the Quann sisters decided to do, it’s with fearless confidence, beauty and of course, killer hair.


Follow Cipriana on Instagram, and follow TK Wonder on Instagram or Twitter. Visit Urban Bush Babes, or follow them on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook!

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