Meek Mill faces lawsuit for an unauthorized party in a villa

Meek Mill seems to be unable to escape justice, but fortunately this time he should not go back in jail. Over the Grammy weekend, Meek rented one of these luxury villas in Beverly Hills and decided to throw a huge party in the company of … a thousand guests. But it was not to the owner‘s taste, who had to call the police to save his villa from the chaos.Meek had however promised the US court to stay out of any trouble. He did not keep long his promise.. According to TMZ, the rapper has caused enormous damages to the villa he had rented on the heights of Beverly Hills, and the owner wants now to take him to court to answer for his actions. The photos taken the day after the evening are indisputable: holes in the walls, broken glass in the pool, the front door was smashed and dozens of trash bags were left everywhere.Meek’s party could have caused even more damages if a fight had not degenerated between two guests, which led the neighbors to call the police to calm things down. But like in the movie “Project X,” the arrival of the police has only dispelled the guests in the neighboring streets and they remained several hours in the neighborhood, disrupting nearby residents.The owner of the villa is now pursuing Meek for breaking the lease, for the damages and the thousand people trespassing. He states that Meek left his property trashed, what the pictures seems to prove.Do you think that some stars think that they are above all?

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