Matthew Knowles denies

Earlier this year, Beyoncé suddenly ended her professional relationship with her father, Matthew Knowles, who held the reigns of her career since her Destiny’s Child days. The singer said the split was amicable, but according to a lawsuit filed by her father, he claims he was fired. And, he’s blaming the concert conglomerate Live Nation. According to legal documents recently filed by Knowles, Live Nation, which promoted Bey’s previous tours, made false allegations about him to his daughter so it could gain rights to promote her 2011 world tour. Knowles claims that after Live Nation was unable to secure rights to his daughter’s upcoming world tour, it told her or members of her team that he “had stolen money from Beyoncé on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to.” Following those allegations, a law firm that represented Beyoncé conducted an audit in October 2010 and allegedly found that Knowles did indeed take money from his daughter. Learning the results of the audit, Beyoncé allegedly fired Knowles as her manager. Knowles is vehemently denying those allegations and wants a judge to get depositions from select Live Nation employees to get to the bottom of the accusations in order to clear his name. While Beyoncé hasn’t released any statements about her father’s lawsuit against Live Nation, she did recently drop the video for her latest single, “Best Thing I Never Had.” Check it out below. by Brooks Newkirk

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