Master P

Master P is getting ready to add the world of video games to his ever-growing list of accomplishments. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur is teaming up with actor Seth Green to develop a hip-hop themed role-playing game called “Play the Industry.”

The game will put gamers into a 3-D world, then allow them to work their way through several levels of stardom, including athlete, power broker, hip-hop artist or several other characters.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, the game is being developed by P’s P. Miller Enterprises, Green’s Stoopid Monkey Productions, which is the force behind Cartoon Network’s “Robot Chicken,” and ShadowMachine Films. While details are still being worked out, Stoopid Monkey’s Matthew Senreich told the Reporter that more than likely, the game will be similar to Electronic Arts’ popular role-playing game, “The Sims.”

The idea was brought to the table by Master P, who approached ShadowMachine principals Alex Bulkley and Corey Campodonico with the concept.
“Master P is at the forefront of so many things, including putting new ‘clean’ albums that are not derogatory and don’t have cursing and that sort of stuff,” Campodonico said about the New Orleans native.

In addition to creating the game, which the partners hope can hit stores by late 2009, they also have plans to develop the game across multiple platforms, including a motion picture, reality television show and a clothing line.


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