Mary J. Blige on the big screen

Her single “Someone To Love Me” featuring Diddy and Lil Wayne may be a hit right now but that doesn’t stop diva Mary J. Blige to take an interest in cinema. She is going to play the role of Nina Simone in a film about the jazz/blues legend’s life, based on Simone’s autobiography. The shooting is set to begin in May.

The film will focus on Simone’s relationship with manager Clifton Henderson which will be played by British actor David Oyelowo. Cynthia Mort, who wrote and produced several episodes of popular TV series such as “Will And Grace,” is listed at the screenwriter and director of the project.

Blige is not just sticking with “Nina.” She’s also set to star in the comedy “Rock Of Ages” alongside Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin. Could this be the start of a new career for Mary J Blige?

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