R&B singer Mario is the latest celebrity in trouble with the law. The 24 year-old singer was arrested and released on $50,000 bond for allegedly assaulting his mother.

Shawntia Hardaway, the mother of Mario told the police that after her son got into a rage, he started breaking and shattering things in their home. He went as far as pushing her into the wall. Fearing for her life, the police was called in. The responding officers found broken glass and a hole in a door of their apartment.

Mario and his mother have been sharing the same apartment and are known to have a rocky relationship due to his mother drug history. In the past, the singer had tried to help his mother to get rid of her heroin addiction. A few years ago, Mario went as far as staging an intervention on a reality/documentary where cameras were invited to document the personal life of the singer trying to get his mother off drugs.

Written by Roberte Varasse

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