Manny Pacquaio thinks about retirement

What if Manny Pacquiao were to throw in the towel before the end of 2012? This incredible rumour was started by the Filipino boxer himself! In an interview published on Mindanews, he admits that his fight to defend his world welterweight champion title could be his last! He will be facing Tim Bradley on June 9 in Las Vegas.

But why? Manny Pacquiao is only 33 and in great shape! His faith is reportedly the main reason behind this early retirement. Fighting and therefore injuring his opponents apparently goes against his religious beliefs.

He has been the world champion in 6 different categories and is considered one of the greatest boxers in the world. He makes over 42 million dollars a year. But Manny is also a champion with principles: « over the past few years, I’ve received so much that I think it’s time for me to return the favour ». His fans sure will be disappointed.

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