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Magaajyia Silberfeld, the determined young actress and movie director

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At only 22 years old, Magaajyia Silberfeld is shining in her latest acting role in her mother Rahmatou Keïta ‘s movie.

What first surprises us with Magaajyia, is the impression she gives that she’s been everywhere and nowhere at the same time. On her instagram account, you can spot her in  Egypt, Greece or even in Niger (her mom’s native country). Globe-trotter and curious and the same time, she’s produced several short films as well as juggling an acting career that is she obviously super proud about !



Here is our exclusive interview with Magaajyia Silberfeld !



Do you think it’s important to dedicated a day / a month to women?

Yes this is important. But honestly does this mouvement really help women in all parts of the world?  It shouldn’t just be just a day dedicated to women rights but years or decades.

Who is the woman that inspires you the most?

That’s a really hard question for me to answer because I really cannot choose between Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Bjork, Kate Winslet and Judy Greer !

What song do you listen to when you need motivation?

“Don’t play that song for me” or “(You make me feel like) A natural woman” by Aretha Franklin.

What movie could you watch a 100 times?

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Boulevard du Crépuscule.

Which book do you consider is your bible?

Osho’s “Body Mind Balancing »

What is the object you always have to have with you?

My Bobbi Brown « Rich Nude ».

The best advice you could have given your younger self?

Calm yourself down in critical situations.

What motto describes your current mood?

Free your mind by exercising and to not make important decisions instantly, take time to think things over.


Crédit photo : Clément Vayssieres

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