Made in Jamaica

This is the story of a small island nation of barely three million people that took their pain and misery and used it to create its own music that today resonates all over the world.
Reggae music sprang into life in the 70’s.This music is always associated with the legendary Bob Marley.
Now a new generation of Jamaican artists has emerged and the music has changed, the youngsters created the Dancehall movement.
Due to the incredible set of artists playing a part in it, this movie is a way of bridging the gap between the generations in Jamaica. It goes from Gregory Isaacs to Bounty Killer, from Bunny Wailers to Elephant Man.
And it shows that whether you relate more with the roots and culture of reggae music or with the dancehall, there is always in Jamaica this social and political involvement from the artists.
“Made in Jamaica” is a full sized portrait of the Jamaican society, it’s about violence, religion, politics, slavery, colonization, music, and above everything hope.
Hope for a better life…


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