The duet “Madcon” stopped by Paris on November 12th for their performance at the Zenith. TRACE had the chance to ask them a couple of questions in a way to understand a little bit more of those two funny characters.

Tshawe and Yosef, the two members are friends from day 1. They grew up in Norway and started music together, first both as rappers, then Tshawe started singing. They now’ve been in the music business for more than 17 years and they just break in Europ with their smash hit “Beggin”, selling more than 150,000 copies in France.

They both got African roots which they are proud of. They’re also conscious that it’s a pretty unusual situation being black in Norway with the goal of becoming a hip hop star. But they succeeded! They are not only artists, they’re also VJs on a TV show. So they’re use to act funny in front of a video camera. And this is exactly what they did! The interview was funny enough to make us cry! They really had a special energy. But we also talked about serious subjects. Yosef’s mother was a child soldier in Ethiopia before moving to Norway. On Tshawe’s side, his parents were from South Africa, and he grew up in Norway. Both of them were really inspired by music from their young age and they’ve been trying to succeed as a duet for more than 17 years. Their musical style is kind of a mix of different influences; the base is hip hop but we can feel that they’ve experienced a lot of different things when we listened to their album.

Their next step? After Europ, United States, so guys, be ready!

Madcon - European Hip Hop - mytrace
Madcon – European Hip Hop – mytrace

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