Machel Montano

Soca legend Machel Montano is on a mission to bring his infectious rhythms to a broader audience. Focused on making soca a mainstream genre, Montano is using his talents and natural charm to push Trinidad & Tobago’s carnival sound into a global spotlight.

To conquer this feat, Montano has focused promotions for his latest album, “Heavenly Drum,” in the U.S. The flirtatious singer performed at Radio City Music Hall on June, 13, 2009. Excited fans packed both arenas.

Intent on intensifying the soca explosion, Montano is hoping “Heavenly Drum” can help to popularize a genre that is already loved by many. This time around he’s further diversified his sound.

“Mesmerize” is a light, seemingly pop-influenced tune, which could easily fit in on urban radio stations in the U.S. The current single, “Fly Away,” features Collie Buddz singing over a more laid-back track. With its reggae vibe, “Fly Away” is a departure from Montano’s well-known, hyper carnival sound. Regardless of its pace, the rhythm encourages unconscious body-twisting the same way a more traditional song like “Push Bumpers (remix)” does.

In the Caribbean, Machel Montano has already helped to make a new generation of listeners fall in love with soca music. Heavenly Drum features a variety of sounds but still manages to showcase soca as the main event. By appealing to a variety of musical tastes, Montano can introduce himself, and soca, to a range of audiences. With this strategy, the former child star just might have what it takes to ‘socalize’ the world.

Written by Shaira B.

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