Rapper Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace Entertainment has partnered with MegaMobile TV, LLC for a joint venture called is an online community of unsigned singers, rappers, songwriters, musicians and producers. The site helps users create music, collaborate digitally with fellow artists internationally and earn a chance to make new music by collaborating directly with artists like Ludacris.

While is due to launch in late April, the site has already attracted more than 20,000 participants in its preview mode. users can create their own page and submit their original songs, riffs and melodies. The WeMix community then votes for their favorite songs and artists, thereby organically discovering new music at a digital grassroots level.

The Website’s top performers will have the chance to collaborate with Ludacris and other acts, and the entire process will be captured as part of a series for the Internet and television. The site will also sponsor music-oriented contests with prizes for the top songs, rhymes, ringtones, lyrics and jingles. artists can upload their creations and sell their work directly to consumers.

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