Grammy award winning rapper Ludacris set out to help people help themselves by giving away 20 cars.

The Atlanta native teamed up with the Nissan South dealership in his hometown for an essay contest in which contestants described how a car would help ease the burden of trying to make ends meet during rough economic times.

Nearly 4,000 people submitted essays to The Ludacris Foundation in hopes of winning one of the used vehicles. Many needed a vehicle to travel to and from work. Others, seeking employment, felt that a car would help
their search a great deal.

Though winners are responsible for tax,registration and insurance, the cars also come along with free gas for 30 days.

The winners, all Atlanta residents, included a student who needed a car to travel between school and work and a Sudanese immigrant who came to America after his mother, father and five siblings were killed in his home country.

Written by Shaira B.

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