Lorde Vs Jennifer Lopez: for the Golden Globes 2015, they have opted for bare belly!

At the Oscars as the Golden Globes, the reception takes place in 2 parts: distribution of the price of course, but also and especially arrival of the stars on the red carpet. An essential point of the reception during wich stars parade and pose in front of the flash of photographers.

Last Sunday was held in Los Angeles 72th Annual Golden Globe Awards. The reception gather an impressive crowd of celebrities on the red carpet; many stars who are then returned to the after party. These include Rita Ora, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez or Lorde. There were beautiful outfits, but the look of two singers was our favorite of the week! Black and white look, belly up or smouldering look, Lorde or Jennifer Lopez?

Songtress of “Royal” is metamorphosed. It was discovered in fluid sexy black pants along with a transparent-white crop top at the left chest also show her abs. For a masculine touch Lorde pulled out her pair of black loafers at big heel. To complete her outfit the 18 years old pretty brunette dare Marilyn Monroe lipstick breaking her black and white look. With her hair down, Lorde is both male, sexy and natural.


If Lorde carries a single crop top, Jennifer Lopez preferred to play on originality with a dress both naked and scooped belly at her sublime legs. In total white look, J-LO is sexier than ever! Smouldering look P. Diddy‘ex, accompanies her style white fur and a pair of Christian Louboutin heels also white. At 45 years old Jennifer Lopez shows a well-sculpted body and has nothing to envy at Lorde!

Jennifer Lopez

Two clothes perfect to unveil any subtlety. But attention girls, when the belly is bare, it must be irreproachable on a par with abs!

What is your favorite clothes?

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