Lil Wayne: His former driver accused him of threatening to kill him

Mark Jones was Lil Wayne‘s driver in 2014 after a Weezy’s concert in New York. Unfortunately, Mark Jones did not really enjoy this experience, because today, he accuses the rapper of threatening to kill him.

Lil Wayne’s driver told him that he wanted to go to get some fuel after the show, but it was not acceptable for the rapper. Indeed, Tunechi allegedly went crazy, yelled and cursed at the driver. Wayne ordered the driver to go to the hotel, while he was pointing a gun at him, and threatening him to be struck with the butt of his gun.

Lil Wayne also told to the driver that if he do not drive him to the hotel, he will be beaten by his security guards. Finally, Mark Jones obliged and drove Wayne to the hotel.

Weezy has not answered yet to Mark Jones’ accusations. As a reminder, Lil Wayne was sentenced to a year in jail 2010 after bringing a loaded gun on his tour bus.

Is Weezy crazy?

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