Lil Wayne Free!

Lil Wayne walked out as a free man today (Nov. 4) morning from Riker’s Island jail. After his release, he was set to fly to Miami for a welcome home party thrown by his record label, his publicist said. His publicist told CNN that he’ll soon head for the studio to work on new music.

The Young Money crew were tweeting about Lil Wayne’s release. Young Money president Mack Maine tweeted “Everybody go and welcome @liltunechi back…..all true weezy fans!!! The angels are rejoicing and so am I!!!!!” Even manager Cortez Bryant tweeted his thoughts, “FREE AT LAST!!!!!!! >>>>> ya heard me yea!!!!!!!”
Nicki Minaj also celebrated the news, writing, “Wayne’s home!”

Lil Wayne was serving time since last March for illegal gun possession. Much of last month was served in isolation from other inmates because he was caught with an MP3 charger and headsets during a search of his cell.

While in jail, Lil Wayne was able to communicate with fans from his website talking about life behind bars.

Despite being locked up, the rapper was able to release his new album “I Am Not A Human Being,” on his 28th birthday in September.

Mufsin Mahbub

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