Lil Wayne

Best rapper, 4 Grammy’s, Man Of The Year…you name it! Lil Wayne has conquered the world of rap, hip hop and pop and is about to conquer the rock scene! Indeed, Lil Wayne re-invented himself and he is entering a whole new frontier. The new album “Rebirth” shows a fresh side of this multi-talent artist: a mix of rock’n’roll and hip hop.
In his 13-year career, he sold more then 6 million cd’s. Busy bee as he is, he released “Young Money Millionaire 5”, a new mixtape, while recording his new album.

Discover “Prom Queen” his new single on the video bellow or just check his MySpace. “Rebirth” will come out on April 7th 2009.

Lil Wayne - Prom Queen - mytrace
Lil Wayne – Prom Queen – mytrace

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