Lil Wayne

Scam artists have been on the go to try and swindle local promoters of their cash by trying to book rapper Lil Wayne according to his managers. During the year of 2010, Cash Money/Young Money artist Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj, have become victims to fake booking agents all across the globe, according to AllHipHop News.

These fraud booking agents take thousands of dollars for these artists but never show up because the artists were never booked in the first place. The most recent event happened in Tampa, Florida, where agents who claimed to represent Lil Wayne tried to wrongly book him for a New Years Eve event. The Empire Nightclub in Ybor City had to cancel its New Years Eve party that was said to feature Lil Wayne, because of this scam.

“Lil Wayne, who is co-managed by Bryant Management and Hip Hop since 1978 domestic tours are booked exclusively by Live Nation and Shawn Gee of SEFG, LLC,” Bryant’s representative said.

By Catherine

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