Lil Wayne

Looks like Lil Wayne has a new job position in prison. Apparently, Wayne is a suicide observer. Ex-wife, Toya Carter said to US Magazine, “Wayne has a job. They got him on suicide watch for other prisoners. He watches the crazy prisoners and makes sure they don’t kill themselves. He likes the job but they don’t pay much.”

Wayne is definitely keeping busy while in prison. He launched his own website to stay in touch with friends, supporters and fans counting the days until he gets out of prison.

“I want all of you to know that I appreciate all the mail I get, and this is my way of saying thank you,” said Wayne in his first entry on

Of course, Wayne is not allowed internet access while in prison but his handwritten letters are transcribed weekly by members of his team and he promises to respond as much as he can to his fan mails. “Keep sending the letters and I promise to keep responding. No matter what they do to erase me, my love for you will always be permanent.”

Written by Francesca Cange

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