Lil’ Wayne

After saying goodbye to family and friends, Lil’ Wayne has finally been convicted. On Monday, March 8, the rapper was sentenced to a year in prison steaming from a gun charge incident.
The MC who pleaded guilty in October 20009 of a criminal possession of a weapon and admitted having a loaded gun on his New York City tour bus was led away in handcuffed by police authorities to start serving his term immediately, he will serve his prison time in a city jail as opposed to a state prison.

At his original sentencing last February, the case was postponed so Wayne could undergo dental surgery and last week its sentencing was delayed a second time due to a courthouse fire.
According to media reports prior to his sentencing hearing, the rapper shot seven new music videos on top of nine new clips.
On a brief bow delivered to his fans and supporters before he was sentenced the rapper twitted, “Law is mind without reason. ……………..I’ll return.”

Under the terms of his plea bargain, Wayne could be out after eight months for good behavior, so until October 2010 fans will have the pleasure to enjoy his recorded materials.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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