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He may be in jail; still it seems like Lil Wayne is everywhere lately. The New Orleans rap singer just delivered not less than four surprising videos throughout the last weekend of May. Weezy obviously managed to stay on top of things no matter what. Indeed, “Get A Life,” “Da Da Da,” “Runnin’,” and “Knockout” were all shot last February, a month before the artist was sent to prison.

The least we can say is that these videos are in line with Wayne’s rock album “Rebirth” and his new image. The rapper hangs out on Miami hotel rooftops in both “Get A Life” and “Da Da Da,” and surprises passersby with live performances.

Besides jamming with his funny looking rock band, Weezy also appears with his favorite Young Money homegirls. The “Runnin’” video features Shanell, Wayne’s sexy backup singer and rumored girlfriend. Yet the tone remains serious as images of war and disasters flash behind them. “Knockout” eventually shows our rapper with mischievous Nicki Minaj, kicking it like teenagers in a locker room and a boxing ring.

The bottom line is: whether he’s drinking syrup or chilling in jail, Lil Wayne still wants to prove the world he’s the best rapper (or rocker?) alive!

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