Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj

It seems like pioneer female rapper Lil Kim doesn’t really appreciate the success of her new rival Nicki Minaj. But can Young Money wildest artist be called a rival when she’s actually eleven years younger that Queen Bee? Looks like somebody isn’t ready to hand on the torch…

Lil Kim already started to pick on Nicki Minaj a few weeks ago, as she threw off her wig during a concert in Buffalo claiming she was “so above this.” Even if Kim didn’t mention the name of her enemy, she obviously referred to Lil Wayne’s protégé Nicki Minaj, who singer Drake called “baddest chick ever to do it.”

Kim didn’t stop there and round two happened June 3rd when the rapper was performing, half-naked, in NYC. Singer Ray J joined her on stage to stir up the beef, as Kim went on by saying “It’s about respect: You respect me, I respect you. If you don’t respect me, then f— you.”

The thirty-four year-old rapper can’t get over the fact that Minaj didn’t pay proper respect to her. Nicki stayed silent, but Drake spoke out and seems to have an issue with Lil Kim’s attitude: “Lil Kim is a G in the game…you don’t have to get on stage and announce your presence…I’ve watched Nicki pay homage to her time and time again.(…) I feel like that’s just signs that you’re losing it.”

While Kimberley is busy hating on her old friend Diddy and rapped that he “should be ashamed of his f—in’ self” after becoming Nicki Minaj’s new manager, the Young Money femcee is already planning her next move and working on her debut album to be announced anytime this year. This anticipated release, along with Missy Elliot’s come back in the fall, should help us answering the fatal question: who is the best female rapper alive?

Written by Liv

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