Lil Kim – Nicki Minaj

The Queen B, Lil Kim, is in full assault mode against her hip-hop nemesis, Young Money rapper and reigning queen of female MCs, Nicki Minaj. Kim has spent more than a year verbally attacking Nicki, dropped a mixtape dedicated to dissing her and on February 17th, she released a diss video that shows a Nicki look-a-like trying to copy her style. So, yes, Kim is in full assault mode. Nicki on the other hand? Not so much.

So far Nicki’s response, outside a radio interview last year when she simply asked Kim where her new music was, has been “LOL” tweets. It seems the only one in this beef is Kim and it’s proving to be a career-boaster for her.
Before she started taking jabs at Nicki, Kim’s career was on a steady decline and she was more famous for her excessive plastic surgery than rhyming. But now, her name and her music are back in people’s minds. And she’s evening claiming via Twitter that her Nicki-diss tape, “Black Friday,” broke Pay Pal records by selling more than 113,000 in 28 hours.

Nicki’s response to this? More laughter via Twitter. She also tweeted a quote from a recent article, “Minaj is now the 1st female rapper to top the charts since Missy in ’02. She has officially brought back the female rapper.”

Not a direct hit at Kim, but chances are highly likely that Kim will take it that way and the beef will continue.

By Brooks Newkirk

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