Leela James

Leela James, the Californian soul singer is back with a new album, “Let’s Do It Again”. This album is Leela’s long-awaited follow-up to her powerful debut. Almost 4 years ago she released her debut album “A Change Is Gonna Come” (a definite reference to Sam Cooke). And now she is again out there, ready to present the public a collection of some of her favourite old school soul hits, recorded with her own band in the studio.

It is not easy covering the ultimate classics. But she has been working together with some of the most legendary soul artists and now it’s her time to tribute them. Jazzy saxophones, disco, funky blues and even rock- influenced cuts make this album a smooth mixture of different music influences.

For “Let’s Do It Again” Leela was determined to make music the old-school way, just like they used to do at Stax, Motown and Muscle Shoals, recording live in the studio to capture the spontaneous raw emotion.

“Let’s Do It Again” was released on March 24th.

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