Lebron James has a secret love child?

It’s the bombshell of the week! Recent rumors suggest that Lebron James has a secret love child! According to American website TerezOwens.com, Lebron, who is in a relationship with his high school sweetheart Savannah Brison, with whom he has two boys, Lebron James Junior, 7, and Bryce Maximus James, 5, has reportedly been hiding the existence of a third child.

This secret child is said to be the result of the basketball player’s affair with former TV reporter Sharon Reed, which occured during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to rumors, James has been paying her and anyone who knows about the affair to keep quiet about the child. To top it all off, these rumors are surfacing just seven months after Lebron’s marriage proposal to Brison. Will their romance resist this major scandal? Are the rumors even true? Stay tuned for updates.

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