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After almost a decade of absence from the media and the music industry, Lauryn Hill giving an interview is like a heaven-sent event. The once empress of contemporary soul music made some interesting revelations to the American public radio network NPR, after performing at the Harmony festival on June 11th in California.

Ms Hill, like she wants people to call her, explains a few of the reasons why she stopped putting out music: “There were things about myself, personal-growth things, that I had to go through in order to feel like it was worth it.” The former member of the Fugees has always been a conscious and socially involved artist not wanting to make music to please the corporate world: “It’s important that people be given the time that they need to go through, to grow, so that the consciousness level of the general public is properly affected. Oftentimes, I think people are forced to make decisions prematurely. And then that sound radiates,” she says.

Despite her choice not to release any album for the past eight years, Lauryn Hill didn’t give up on singing at all and is actually working on her voice: “I’m trying to open up my range and really sing more,” she says referring to her past as an MC. “I don’t think people have really heard me sing out. So if I do record again, perhaps it will have an expanded context. Where people can hear a bit more.” The simple fact that Lauryn Hill contemplates recording again is an exciting piece of news!

During the interview, Lauryn Hill reminded the journalist she is a busy mother: “I don’t know if you know this, but I have five children,” she says. “The youngest is 2 now, so she’s old enough that I can leave her for a period of time and know she’s going to be OK.” If the singer doesn’t announce any official come back, she sounds pretty enthusiastic about performing again: “I think it’s just time. I’m starting to get excited again.”

Ms Hill seems to be ready to hit the stage this year since she was officially announced as the 2010 Rock The Bells Festival’s “very special guest” in early June. As for her musical projects, Lauryn said she was “possibly” working on a new album last April. When asked on people’s attraction to her, she answered: “Believe it or not, I think what people are attracted to about me, if anything, is my passion.” We hope Lauryn Hill’s passion is endless and will soon bless us with another masterpiece…

Written by Liv

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