Laura Izibor

Laura Izibor is injecting the soul scene with a young, fresh perspective on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. The 21-year-old singer, who hails from Dublin, Ireland, has traveled across the world, from New York to Tokyo, for live performances of tracks from her debut album “Let The Truth Be Told.” The album is the result of a four-year, multi-city recording process from which Izibor says she hopes listeners can “take away a sense of honesty and realness.”

Growing up in a single parent household as one of five kids, Izibor says “there wasn’t much time to buy records.” She realized neither her passion for music nor her singing ability until she was about 13. At 15, Izibor entered a performance competition called the ‘2FM Song Contest’ and won. By the time she was 17, the Nigerian-Irish singer began crafting her first album. After signing with Atlantic records, “Let The Truth Be Told” was finally released in June of 2009.

Izibor, who wrote and co-produced the album, describes the record as her “truth.” This assessment is one that listeners may not find hard to believe. Sincere lyrics reflect an epiphanic sense of key lessons learned by a young, confident woman who knows what she needs. In Izibor’s case, most of her insight relates to love.

The album’s upbeat lead single “From My Heart To Yours” has garnered the singer a great deal of attention. As a result, “Let the Truth Be Told” reached number 6 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

A song like “Yes (I’ll Be Your Baby)” may prompt listeners to envision Jill Scott’s little sister pouring out her soul. “If Tonight Is My Last,” and “I Don’t Want You Back” are passionate, soft ballads that may remind listeners of soul singer Joss Stone. The closing track “MMM…” ends the record on a comforting note, with a gospel choir and organ leaving listeners feeling like they just left the church of love.

Written by Shaira B.

TRACE met up with Laura Izibor to chat about her music. We were pleasantly surprised by her humble nature and genuine spirit. Check out the video below:

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