Lady Gaga debuts

Pop icon Lady Gaga finally released her highly anticipated music video for her hit single, “Born This Way.”

In this sci-fi inspired video, Gaga tells the story of two different births. One resembles that of the birth of the human race, living in “boundless freedom.” However, this is contrasted with the birth of evil as the screen turns black and white.

In an interview with DJ Greg James of BBC’s Radio 1, Gaga spoke about the video, explaining that the video illustrated “the birth…of a race that bears no prejudice and a race that’s primary sort of ambition in life is to inspire unity and togetherness.”

The video was directed by fashion photographer, Nick Knight, who creates strange and outrageous images of the pop star. Whatever the video is portraying, it has already caused much talk and gossip. Check out the video and see for yourself…

By Catherine

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