Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

If you haven’t seen Lady Gaga’s latest video then you are definitely missing the buzz surrounding it. This time around, Gaga joins forces with Beyoncé to thrill fans in the nearly ten-minute adventure that is “Telephone.” A cameo from singer Tyrese (and Gaga’s little sister Natali!) is thrown into the mix, resulting in what resembles a short film more than a mere music video.
The “Telephone” video premiered on Friday, March 12. By Monday, March 15, the video had over 15 million hits on YouTube. That same day, Gaga called in to the Ryan Seacrest radio show and explained her artistic vision for the video. “I really believe in the power of visuals and sometimes visions come to me and I know I have to do them,” she said. “By the end of the video, it became so much more as we explored each scene it became about transsexual women and it became about making fun of American hallmarks like soda cans and cigarettes and mayonnaise and bread.”

Director Jonas Akerlund, who also directed the video for “Paparazzi,” was on board for Gaga’s latest. The entire video, which took two days to shoot, pays homage to some of pop’s greatest icons including Madonna, Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol. References to Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill,” Alexander McQueen’s recent death and countless other pop culture moments pave the way for repeated “Hey isn’t that…?” moments.

Beyoncé also seems excited about her latest project. “This video is very epic and I’m very happy to be part of it,” the singer said while shooting “Telephone.” With a second crazy Beyoncé collaboration under her belt, Gaga may have officially found herself a partner in crime.

Written by Francesca Cange & Shaira Brereton

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