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On June 1st, the world’s biggest pop star, Lady Gaga, revealed some very interesting facts into her life in an interview on the Larry King Live Show (a famous American show that is featured on CNN). At first, the interview started off quite conventional, with Larry questioning her about how she acquired the name “Lady Gaga” and when she wanted to be a performer. But then the interview quickly developed into an enlightening onslaught of never before heard information into the life of Lady Gaga.

“I suppose I could lie to you, but the truth is I do think about death,” answered Lady Gaga after being asked by Larry why her music videos and performances often portray her being murdered or killed. Gaga responded that she often dreams about death, and, in fact, the monster that appears to eat her in her Monster Ball shows is an “Anglo Fish” that she feared as a child.

Gaga then went on to disclose some interesting details into her current health–including that she has recently tested “borderline positive” for the disease known as Lupus. After numerous fainting spells earlier this year, and also recent knowledge that the disease Lupus runs in her family, her critics and fans have been increasingly worried about her wellness. “The truth is I don’t show any signs or symptoms of Lupus,” said Gaga, “but I have tested borderline positive for the disease.”

One of the most talked about parts of the interview though, is the statement she made about Michael Jackson and the “This Is It” tour. Apparently, Lady Gaga was asked to open for Michael in London. “I don’t necessarily like to talk about those very personal things that happened but I guess I can speak about it now,” Gaga told Larry. “We were going to open for him at the O2 and we were working on making it happen, but Michael’s death was devastating for me, regardless of whether or not I was supposed to go on tour with him,” Gaga added. “He was such an inspiration and a remarkable human being.”

The end of the interview featured a sneak peek into her new music video for “Alejandro,” the third single off her 2009 EP, “The Fame Monster” and also some information on her next album. “I wanted to give (my next album) some time because even though it’s finished, I really want to give my fans what they deserve–which is for me to promote and to travel the world and to give the new music to them in the most perfect and assessable way.” She goes on to say that “the album was inspired by my new found understanding and love for my fans.”

Written by Michael Wash

Check out a sneak peak of her new music video for ‘Alejandro’ below:

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