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Lady Gaga rocked the world once again with the world premiere of her latest crazy video “Alejandro” on June 8th. The song had already flooded the airwaves a few weeks ago, introducing another side of the queen of pop’s multifaceted imagination to the world. So who is this mysterious and exotic-sounding guy named Alejandro? While the video leaves many doors open to answer this question, Gaga didn’t fail to impress us with her endless creativity and made sure to provoke the purest souls!

Like for all the other videos of the star, especially after the success of “Telephone” featuring Beyoncé, Gaga’s millions of followers had high expectations regarding the release of “Alejandro.” Without a surprise, the star made this new project a worldwide event, as it already appears on Twitter’s top worldwide trending topics only a few hours after the premiere.

If it doesn’t really help to understand the meaning of the song, the aesthetic of the video is powerful and shows that Gaga is not only musically, but also visually ahead of everybody. Director Steven Klein and the singer worked on an uncluttered style in terms of colors as black, white and red prevail and create a dark and gloomy atmosphere, standing out from her previous flashy videos.

Yet the content remains highly provoking: the video features Lady Gaga as a red-dressed none swallowing a rosary, then wearing a submachine gun bra, or caught up in the middle of man-on-man actions. Is Alejandro a hot Mexican gay soldier Gaga fell in love with? Are Fernando and Roberto Alejandro’s lovers? If everything remains a little blurry, Lady Gaga definitely bids them farewell according to the lyrics “I’m not your babe, Alejandro” and the funeral march where the singer literally carries a broken heart.

Will the shocking references to sex, religion, and war make this video Gaga’s newest controversy? It’s probably to soon to tell, but “Alejandro” is likely to become the most popular topic of conversation for the next days, so make sure you check the video!

Written by Liv

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