Lady Gaga 2.0

In order to promote her new album “Born This Way,” due for release May 23, Lady Gaga joins forces with the creators of the popular Facebook game FarmVille. The program, said to be the first of its kind, gives her beloved ‘little monsters’ throughout the world an exclusive listen to un-released songs from the album when they visit GagaVille, a neighboring farm in FarmVille.

That is not all. Creator Zynga is also giving away a download of the full album to fans who buy $25 game cards through electronics retailer Best Buy. Buyers will also be entered into a drawing to attend Lady Gaga’s next video shoot and get a virtual unicorn to decorate their farms. Additionally, the company is offering virtual Lady Gaga goods to players who earn points in its other games, as well as offering a chance to receive concert tickets and signed albums through one of its games.

“GagaVille” will be short-lived. Zynga says it’s running the special only until May 26 to celebrate the debut of “Born This Way.” One thing’s for sure, Mother Monster sure knows how to cultivate her fan base.

By Noémie Jamar

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