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Yesterday May 2nd, Lady Gaga released the track listing for her new album “Born This Way” on Twitter. Gaga, who has over 9 million followers on Twitter, has used the site to ‘leak’ lyrics and images from the album. She certainly knows how to tease her fans and keep them hungry for more.

The album will include 14 songs. The special edition will have 3 bonus studio songs and 5 remixes on a second CD. Her album, which she described as the “greatest album of the decade” last November at a concert in Poland, hits the streets on May 23. Check out the track listing below.

”Born This Way” track listing:
1) Marry the Night
2) Born This Way
3) Government Hooker
4) Judas
5) Americano
6) Hair
7) Scheiße
8) Bloody Mary
9) Bad Kids
10) Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
11) Heavy Metal Lover
12) Electric Chapel
13) Yoü and I
14) The Edge of Glory

Special Edition bonus tracks:
1) Born This Way (Country Road Version)
2) Judas (DJ White Shadow Remix)
3) Marry the Night (Fernando Garibay Remix)
4) Sheiße (DJ White Shadow Mugler)
5) Fashion of His Love”(Fernando Garibay Remix)

Gaga also tweeted her excitement over the “Judas” video, which is set to debut on Thursday May 5th. “JUDASVIDEO PREMIERE 5.5.11 on E! 7/6c + 11:30/10c. (an American channel) Motorcycle Fellini PopArt FantasyFilm + Haus Directorial Debut.” There were whisperings that the new video exceeds limits even more than usual. In the video, Gaga will play Virgin Mary and actor Norman Reedus, will play Judas. The concept is supposedly a toned down version of the initial one that was too religiously charged.

The Fame Monster really knows how to play the game.

By Noémie Jamar

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