Lady Gaga

Luck must be a lady. In the world of everything bizarre, a certain electro-pop duchess is looking to blow a few fuses with her new upcoming effort.

Lady Gaga, the eccentric and ultramodern diva of princess-cut plastic pop is back to make a statement and no doubt; it will be bigger-than-ever. The Lower East Side bon vivant who is still making rounds on her sold-out and highly-successful Monster Ball tour revealed that her upcoming material may in fact be her magnum opus.
With her hot-for-teacher masquerade, out-of-this-world costumes and kitsch two-tone bottle blonde hair—Lady Gaga instantly became an overnight sensation. Within weeks of its release, her second studio album “The Fame Monster” wrecked havoc on public radio spawning club-romping epics “Bad Romance” and the notorious “Telephone” to transatlantic praise. In an interview with 2DayFM, the “Paparazzi” star noted that the album will be released by the end of the year and will embrace new ideas previously overlooked.

The pop star also noted she is working on her “best work to date,” having already penned the nucleus of the record in her travels around the globe. No worries, the fame-starved vamp will still release jaw-dropping music video clips. However, she has noted the promo for her next single “Alejandro,” will not be the much anticipated sequel to the highly controversial “Telephone.” Maybe we’ll see one her next record? Time will only tell.

Written by Marcus Scott

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