Lady Gaga

Controversial and sometimes too racy pop singer Lady Gaga just set a new record by becoming the first artist to reach more than one billion online video views. Gaga’s music videos have been so popular that three of her songs have become hits on the internet video file sharing site YouTube. As of March 26, 2010 Gaga’s music videos hold three spots in the 65-video 100 Million Club. One for “Poker Face” with 374,606,128 views, another one for “Just Dance” with 272,941,674 views and last with 360,020,327 views “Bad Romance.”

In Gaga’s case, it seems that there are no boundaries especially for an artist that has only been on the music scene for two years. Her first single, “Just Dance,” was released in 2008 and since then she has taken the world by storm with her racy lyrics, racy outfits and her more than 3 million followers on Twitter.

As the music scene gets so unpredictable, the record breaker Gaga may not want to be too comfortable because the Twilight sagas with 980 million views and Soulja Boy at 860 million are closing right behind her heels and with the third film “Eclipse” just about to be release, Gaga could very well soon be dethroned.

But either by pushing out the boundaries with her videos, fashions and sexuality, Gaga has managed to outdo some of the biggest mainstream artists and that‘s a feast that no one can deny her. Fortunately for Gaga as long as people will be intrigue by her personality and amazed by her music, she will still manage to find a way to get rid of the competition.

Written by Valerie Varasse

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