Kyrie Irving Disguised as ‘Uncle Drew’

Kyrie Irving recently wrote, directed, and starred in a Pepsi Max short film which features the NBA‘s Rookie of the Year disguised as a geriatric, aptly named ‘Uncle Drew.’ After a short car ride filled with talk about “young boys,” “rapity hippity hop,” and a lack of practicing “the fundamentals,” the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ point guard proceeds to play basketball in a local park all while dressed in a fat suit, white wig, spectacles, and old man make up.

At first, as one might expect of an elderly person, Irving plays poorly; however after several minutes warming up ‘Drew’ begins to dominate his unsuspecting opponents. After the game, the process of transforming the 20 year old into ‘Uncle Drew’ is displayed. Surprisingly there are relatively few Pepsi props placed throughout the film.

Check out the video below.

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