Kylie Jenner: a video shows her flirting with Tyga since she’s 14!

Kylie Jenner made her debut with her boyfriend Tyga, 25, when he organized an amazing birthday party for her 17th birthday last summer. But it seems that the two boasters (who receive a lot of attention due to the age gap) have been knowing each other for actually much longer than a year and they would even be in couple since the woman was a young teen.

In an exclusive video from 2011 that has surfaced on the web we can see Kylie flirting with the Tyga during Kendall’s Sweet 16. At that time, the rapper performed during the anniversary of Kendall and was even accompanied by his girlfriend Blac Chyna (who will give him a son the following year).

In the video, you can see Tyga rapping his hits ‘Make It Nasty’ and ‘Lap Dance’ in an apartment. Kylie doesn’t get her eyes off of the rapper, watching his every moves, she even shout the chorus “Ass so fat I need a lap dance! “. While Kendall and Kylie were down on the side, Kylie starts screaming when Tyga takes his shirt off. When the rapper grabs Kendall’s hand to dance on “Far Away”, Kylie quickly joined the duo, giving her best to impress him.

After months of flirting and while Tyga denied that the two were a couple, he finally admitted that he “loves” his teen girlfriend in an interview with The Breakfast Club last week.Do you think that Tyga and Kylie have sparked their love affair more than three years ago?

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