Kris Humphries gets a contract and revenge

Finally good news for Kris Humphries! The basketball player has just signed a 2-year, $24 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets, and he deserves it. First off for his court side performances, but also because the poor guy’s had a really trying year.

It all started with his whirlwind wedding with Kim Kardashian. After just 72 days, Kris wound up alone and broken hearted. Since then, he’s become a firm target for a quick laugh, constantly mocked by supporters of rival NBA teams. To make matters worse, Kanye West, Kim’s new boyfriend, fires off at him whenever he gets the chance.

So this new contract may just mark the end of this bad luck streak! It’s certainly given him the chance to respond to Kanye West. In his song “Way too cold,” the rapper had declared that Kris was lucky that he hadn’t asked Jay-Z to kick him out off f the Nets. Jay-Z is a close friend of West’s, they even released a classic album together, and he’s also a shareholder of the Brooklyn Nets, the team in which Humphries plays. Confused yet?

As soon as he’d signed his new contract, Humphries logged onto Twitter and posted “Lucky I didn’t have Jay drop me from the team, lol.” Take that Kanye!

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