Born in Somalia in Africa and based in Canada, K’naan is the hip-hop artist who was chosen and created the official anthem ‘Wavin Flag’ for Coca-Cola’s 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa program.

The song ‘Wavin Flag’ is about unity and celebration and whether you are a soccer fanatic or not ‘Wavin Flag’ has all the ingredients of a song that makes you want to get up and wave your flag with pride and it exudes a feeling of encouragement.

K’naan’s ‘Wavin Flag’ is being used throughout the entire 2010 World Cup campaign and as the main soundtrack on all global TV commercials for soccer.

K’naan incorporates his past experiences of living in Somalia and being a refugee in his music and he has hustled his way into the music industry through perseverance and hard work, singing songs that talk about life as he knows and understands. Before the fame, as an unknown artist, Kanye West posted the video to K’naans song ‘America’ on his blog, which gave K’naan a huge audience to introduce himself into. Now he is featuring big names such as Maroon 5’s Adam Levin, Wale and he has Damion Marley and Mos Def wanting to use songs he has written.

The ‘Wavin Flag’ Soccer World Cup Anthem song has catapulted K’naan onto a global platform and if you haven’t heard the song as yet, then you should take a listen. It will take you to another place that lets you forget about the world’s problems and conflicts, uplifting you to a state of hope and unity.

Written by Sam Zungu

Here is a live performance of Waving Flag by K’naan in Mexico:

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