Kim Kardashian Vs Amber Rose: Hot vs Cold!


It’s in New York’s cold weather that Kim Kardashian had to face this week. Invited with her husband to John Legend‘s birthday party, the reality TV star appeared very sexy in her dress!

Kim has indeed set her sights on this new trend, which has the power to raise the temperature: a V-neck dress that reveals her beautiful cleavage. But the young mother also opted for safety with a Balmain high belt to make sure she does not show more than what she already does.

A glamorous style that Kim has chosen to wear without accessories, makeup and with a discrete manicure. Sporting black high heels, sandal style, and a long black blazer; Kim Kardashian is sexier than ever, without being vulgar.

For girls with small breasts don’t worry! The plunging neckline is your best friend: it will give you a style both chic and glamorous.


The turtleneck seems to make a comeback and it’s not Amber Rose who will tell us the contrary. Wiz Khalifa’s ex was seen on Wednesday with Nick Cannon in a Las Vegas’ nightclub.

While Amber usually does not hesitate to show parts of her body has, this time around, preferred to remain discreet. The young woman has indeed opted for a long sleeve sweater crop top and turtleneck with a black high-waisted leggings suggesting her bare belly. As usual, the sultry blonde displays a flawless makeup: a pink lipstick matching perfectly her skin.

Amber Rose shows a perfect duo to stay sexy without taking the head and especially for dancing all night!

Girls, don’t hesitate to bring your turtlenecks out of your wardrobe; in addition to being comfortable, you can adapt it to your style!

In any case, this look is still more suited to the season, isn’t it Kim?

Which look do you prefer?

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