Kim Kardashian: She learns the piano!

Beware because one day you may hear a duo from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian! The reality TV star wanted to learn the piano so she hired the services of a renowned teacher. After her daughter, it’s the turn of the mother, and perhaps we will hear one day an unpredictable featuring with Kanye and their friends Jay Z and Beyoncé?Kim’s family contacted the US website TMZ to tell that the young woman recently called the pianist Oksana Kilesnikova to teach her the wonderful world of piano and music theory. Oksana is a very famous pianist, she’s a Russian-American composer owning her own music school in Los Angeles. She was recommended to Kim on Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds good advices, an American pianist and composer.It would appear that Kim takes her lessons very seriously and goes hard to learn music with Oksana in person – who should also be the hottest piano teacher in Los Angeles. Hopefully Kanye is not in the house to see his wife and Oksana play together…You might think that Kim finds inspiration in her husband Kanye, but the starlet prefers to remember her father who was playing when she was little. She also learned violin at school, and plans to pick up again. Kim could make her debut in May. Oksana said she had invited her to play a recital at a student contest. Kim even has a song she’s working one for her family. Aw, cute.

Do you think that Kim is going to make music?

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