Kim Kardashian: She admits her favorite sexual position

After releasing some new provocative nudes, Kim now wants to tell the world what’s her favorite sexual position. If you hadn’t seen her sex tape with Ray J, here is a little reminder…What part of her body Kim hasn’t shown yet? It makes people wonder if Kanye West doesn’t love to see his wife getting ogle by other men. Fortunately, her sextape and nude pictures are there to satisfy her fantasy, every day, for years. If she doesn’t sing like her husband, Kim is trying somehow to find an activity to prove that she exists, and what a better way to show off your body when you’re a Hollywood star? However, the public begins to dull. Kim has done enough effort to pay photographers to stage her ass here and there, so she found a new technique: talking about her sex life.Interviewed by the English magazine The Daily Mail, Kim then throw off without even answering a question: “I like it from behind”, followed by a moment of loneliness … What did go through her head? Here is a news that her daughter North will be happy to learn when she will be old enough to read! But it was enough to talk about her once again, combined with new naked photos for Love Magazine, she get a record number of new followers on social networks … Never change a method that wins!What do you think of this new revelation?

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