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Kim Kardashian needs your help on Instagram

‘The struggle is real!’ – Kim Kardashian

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West reached out to her fans for how she could improve her Instagram. Evidence below.

While she still gets over a million likes on nearly every photo (except for a few promoting Kid’s Supply, that is), the KUWTK star’s timeline is a pretty predictable compilation of paparazzi photos, morning sickness medicine ads, and pictures of North West. But nevertheless, this isn’t the first time the TV Reality star has asked her 102m followers for advice. Remember the puppy name?

How they responded

Her 102 million followers were quick to suggest pointers, with many begging her not to post any more vintage Polaroid style pictures. Others suggested she stick to one filter, while some encouraged her to limit her posts to three a week.

One fan said they wanted to see the ‘real’ Kim, writing: “I think that you should add more pics showing the real you. Like your hobbies, things you care about and stuff that makes you laugh. Don’t be just a beautiful perfect image, show that you are a human being.”

What do you think Kim K should do/ should not do on her Insta ?

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