Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: They get squared with Jay Z & Beyoncé, Kim is left out.

The relation between the West-Kardashian and Beyonce and Jay Z has been tense ever since the Carter-Knowles did not come to their wedding. And everybody knows that being in a cold war with the most powerful couple in the showbiz is bad for business. This is why our four merry braggarts agreed on a dinner to bury the hatchet, but after seeing their faces when they left the place, we can tell that love and enjoyment weren’t on the menu this evening.A source confirmed having seen both couples going towards midnight to the “Ink” restaurant, a hotspot in Los Angeles with prices that remain rather accessible. A common and crowded place for our stars then! The reason of this dinner has been given by another source, which declared to a British magazine that the men of the couples decided to organize the dinner! The source added: “Kanye is still signed to Jay Z’s Roc Nation label and Kanye wants Jay to record a guest verse on his upcoming album. The bottom line is Jay is a businessman and Kanye is going to make him a lot of money. Kanye and Jay are close friends and it’s important to them that their partners get along”. The problem would be coming from the two women who couldn’t stand each other, and this is bad for business!“They pretty much forced the ladies to sit down and talk about their issues with each other calmly so they can at least be civil with each other in future. This wasn’t about building a friendship between Kim and Bey, who’ll never really be close,” commented the source.A client who was near the Vip table made some declarations to the press too: “the dinner was incredibly awkward, with West, Carter, and Knowles talking music while Kardashian was just staring at her phone. Beyoncé did talk to Kim to ask about North and speak about Blue Ivy, but Kim thought it was strange and polite. Bey was gushing over Kanye, though, saying she got a song in mind she could only do with him. Kim felt left out and was on the brink of tears when they left.Kim is the only one who doesn’t sing (what does she do anyway?), she had to be left over most part of the diner because she didn’t know what to say. Kim has her moment of solitude too!

Do you think that Kim should sing?

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