Kim Kardashian: her nanny forgets her daughter North!

A new video has surfaced on the web showing the nanny of North West forgetting Kanye’s 21-month-old daughter, in a hotel in Paris, France. The video quickly went around the net and the most critical users didn’t wait to blame the mother, who had already experienced this kind of accident last year.The video, uploaded on Instagram, shows the nanny, Kim & Kanye‘s daughter and their bodyguard walking in the George 5’s hotel lobby in Paris. While the nanny makes her way, she takes a hallway on the right, but her little tot steps below. Attracted by the flashes of the paparazzi glued to the hotel’s window, a photographer even pats on it to attract North’s attention as she stops in the middle of the hall, all distraught and lost in front of all those flashes.

Fortunately, the bodyguard who followed them closely realized the little scatterbrain and beckons her nanny that she forgot something behind her … If he had not been there, the nanny would have continued on, since North kept posing as if she was already a star (well yes she is)! Then alerted, the nanny seems embarrassed and runs to get her little bunny by the hand, like any responsible parent would do.

If the incident is making noise, it’s because it’s not the first time Nori is left behind. Kim seems to be a little overwhelmed when she comes to visiting the capital because last October, she forgot North in a similar hotel in Paris. She realized North was missing only when she noticed she had forgotten her phone charger at the hotel. But we can’t put all the blame on her. The businesswoman has an ultra busy schedule and the presence of bodyguards and assistants is also there to help her.Do you think Kim should hire another nanny?

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