Kim Kardashian: Her former stepfather stole her lingerie

Kim was the first member of the family to break the silence about the sexual transformation of her former stepdad Bruce Jenner, and according to a new report, the TV reality star knew about it since many years, because he was stealing her lingerie!According to the website In Touch, Kim discovered the truth about Bruce Jenner years ago, when she found out that some piece of lingerie were missing in her closet. “She’d ordered expensive French lingerie but it never arrived” a source tells the magazine. “She asked her maid where it was and the maid took her to Bruce’s closet and showed her.”Kim, normally stoic, didn’t react so well to the new, and who would does? Bruce’s cousin, Jeffrey Day, said to In Touch that Bruce would have his support, but he would feel “disappointed” if rumors would be true “I would be very surprised if it were true and I would be disappointed,” Day says. “I would let him know that that’s not how God wants him to be”. So is Jeffrey in contact with God? The website Radar Online reported that Bruce will be on “Tell-all” show with Diane Sawyer this week end, maybe he’ll tell everything?

Bruce Jenner with … red nail polish ?

Do you think it’s weird?

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