Kim Kardashian: After the Internet, she nearly breaks her jeans!

What’s the latest about the most famous American mom of the world? She and her husband Kanye West have been spotted at a security checkpoint at the airport of Los Angeles where the young woman experienced a wardrobe malfunction!While they got ready to board, the Wests had to comply to the security checking just like everybody else. Spotted laughing with the safety attendant, Kim was very relax, and we even perceived a smile of Kanye in the tail! The thing is, the famous booty which “broke the Internet” seems to claim its independence too.Dressed with a shawl of white fur on her shoulders, a black leather top and a grey skinny jeans (a total match with her lover who had a grey jeans and a black Adidas hoodie), the star had to remove her black heels to pass in the scanner. But once she went out to sit down and put back her shoes the worst happened: Kim‘s jean was literally bugged off! Kim had all the troubles of the world to sit down, and her jean had not been able to hold the pressure, she finds herself then buttocks in the air in front of everybody, before getting dressed discreetly.Do you think that Kim Kardashian should take a size above?

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