Kid Cudi announces new label

During a concert in NYC last week Kid Cudi announced that his label will be named “Wicked Awesome Records.” Two months ago Cudi left his managers Patrick ‘Plain Pat’ Reynolds and Emile Haynie. Their joint label “Dream On” was ended after a battle over creative differences. Cudi made the announcement via his Twitter account. So The Kid is now having a go at it by himself.

On top of that, Cudi told the crowd that the name of his band is not “Wizard” anymore but “2 Be Continuum.” Cudi explained how the name lacked originality. “Go on iTunes and put in ‘Wizard,’ there’s like five bands called ‘Wizard’. I needed something more original, something different, but it’s still wizardry at its finest”.

A rock-influenced album can still be expected later this year. Cudi told the fans in NYC that the new music he and producer Dot Da Genius have been working on will be great. “I’ve only been playing guitar for nine months, but the records have been coming out f***ing epic, epic, I’m really excited,” Cudi explained. “We gonna have that first single for y’all soon. This summer.”

By Noémie Jamar

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